How it works

How our Loans Work

The need for a certain financial amount may arise at any time. However in present times, getting approval for any type of loan, be it on a short term basis or that of long duration can be a difficult feat. This is primarily because people with poor credit history can have a problem in getting their loan sanctioned.

Another set of problems that include, the loan that can match up to standards, the rates of interest that are set against each of the monetary policies and finally repayment policy associated with each of the loans. On an overall rate, it is quite difficult to get out of all these problems.

However, what is important is the need for a proper company that could manage to lessen down all these aspects to a great extent. With Blue Tomorrow Guarantor Loans you can be rest assured that your problems associated with this topic lessen to a great extent. Especially known for our Guarantor loans, we are a company that makes sure that customers with financial problems are served in best possible manner.

Explaining Guarantor loans:

There are a number of unsecured loans available in the market; however most of them have to be paid against collateral. In such cases, people with bad credit score tend to miss out on the demands made during application for this loan.

In the case of Guarantor loans, instead of collateral, against a loan a person needs to stand up as a guarantor. In this way, there is a surety that the amount of money that has been taken will be returned by the concerned person.

While choosing a guarantor it has to be seen that the concerned person should be aware of the borrower’s financial condition. Also, there are no charges levied on either side of the transaction.  Thus, in this way, the borrower is relieved of any type of extra financial charges and thus can return the money at his will.

Financial range of this loan:

The speciality associated with Blue Tomorrow Guarantor Loans is that unlike other financial companies who are interested in their personal profit making job procedure, we are concerned of the requirement of people who are lacking in credit score. In this way, we stay intact on our domains of morality.

With us, the borrowing range varies from £1000 to £7500 for a period of 12 to 60 months. In case of people with a minimal credit score, range varies from £4000 to £15000 for a period of 48 to 96 months. In both cases, the rate of interest varies from 41% to 54.4%.

With our loans, especially Guarantor loans which are our speciality, you can be sure to get the best deals at minimal rates for a longer time period.

Other features:

Our financial institution, Blue Tomorrow Guarantor Loans, though specialises in guarantor loans, yet in the case of other loans as well, we have made a name. Be it loans in the unsecured range or those who do not have collateral, we make sure that customers are the first people to gain benefit.

Thus, our loans are truly the best that are available in the present money market.