How will your credit rating affect your loan?

Getting loans in present times have become a difficult feat, not only because of the factor that monetary market is completely full of uncertainties but also because the whole repayment period that is associated with it can bring forth a host of difficulties.

In most cases, getting approval for a loan, and making sure that the amount is paid back within a specified time period needs to be made sure. In this respect, it is important that a person has a good credit score since it helps in making sure that the loan that is applied for can be approved within a short period.

What is the importance of credit score?

As there is a variety of loans available in the market, hence it is important that the borrower should be well aware of the requirements of him or her and apply accordingly. When this is taken into concern, there are a number of loans that especially require collateral to be paid. In that regard, it is important that the person provides collateral for a loan that is taken.

While providing this collateral, the need for a good credit score arises. In that respect, a person needs to have a good bank balance so that getting a loan can become comparatively easier.

Advantages of a credit score:

  • With a good credit score, there are a variety of loans that people can apply for. Rather than going in for selected loans that are specifically there for application with a bad credit score, with a good credit score a person can apply for any loan as per his choice and requirement.
  • At times in case, there is bankruptcy or any other financial problem, people with a good credit score can always find respite. They get a chance to stay away from any type of financial problems and thus getting loans for them even in the case of economic fall over is not a problem.
  • For people having a good credit score, getting loans can be easy since any financial institution will have faith in them. The people will be able to pay back the amount within the specified time period.

Loans with bad credit score:

With a bad credit score, one can apply for both secured and unsecured loans. In this regard, the only difference that will be found is that depending on the money and collateral, rates of interest will be charged. In this case, with a higher amount, high rates of interest are charged.

Generally, in such cases, a general amount range of £3000 to £5000 can be borrowed with rates such as 19% to 30% and time period varying from 6 to 10 years.

Survival strategies with bad credit score:

For people who need money for bad credit score, certain specific financial institutions cater to their demands:

  • In the case of such financial institutions, policies are tailor-made for people with bad credit score.
  • In such cases, it so happens that security amount and payback rates are also of the very high amount or rates.

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